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The Free Spirits

The Free Spirits Tents (TFS Tents) is an outdoor equipment brand focusing on camping tents. It was founded in 2011 by Wang Jigang in Qingdao, China.

In November 2009, two Chinese climbers Yan Dongdong and Zhou Peng successfully reached the summit of Yaomei Peak, and measured its elevation tobe 6250m.lt is the first ascent of Yaomei Peak via a new route made by a teamcomposed of only Chinese, which is a milestone of Chinese mountaineering history.This new route is named The Free Spirits route, and that is why we name our brand ‘The Free Spirits’.

Natural adventure, accompanied by quality

Our product line can meet the needs of outdoor activities in different environments, including leisure camping, backpacking, mountaineering adventures. Currently there are four product lines, including classic series Black label, Blue label for lightweight, Red label for adventure and White label for base camp series.

We has the ability of independent design, development and production. In order to maintain quality and flexibility, we will always insist handcrafted prototype tents and produce in our own factory at Qingdao, China.

We hope that our tents can accompany with you in the wild, enjoy the mountains and return safely.

Design Concept

The Free Spirits brand champions a philosophy of equilibrium; our designs do not skew towards any extreme. Rather than being the lightest or the most voluminous, our products strive for a harmonious balance between functionality, space, weight, and aesthetics, mirroring the ideal balance one should aim for in life.

The principle of moderation posits that "moderation" is the essential foundation for all entities in the cosmos, and "harmony" represents the optimal route for individuals to attain this state of "moderation." Achieving this equilibrium of "moderation and harmony" sets the cosmic order, enabling all elements to flourish within this natural framework.

Environmental Protection

Since 2020, the Spirit of Freedom has embraced the concept of versatility in tent design, committing to the green, low-carbon ethos of recycling and repurposing old materials moving forward.

We've observed that when tents are erected in the wild over long durations, the fabric deteriorates more rapidly than the aluminum tent poles, which enjoy a longer functional life.

Hence, we incorporate pre-used tent poles into the development of new models, making poles BEYOND and Yoto Plus, along with Sky Dome and Sky Dome Plus poles, interchangeable in a recycling effort to conserve energy and promote sustainable environmental practices.

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